Phys 300 preparing you for success!


Welcome to Exercise Physiology 300!  This is a 300 level course and will last for a semester.  Throughout this course we will focus our study on how physiology relates to sport and exercise. The goal of the course is to be proficient in the basic concepts related to this field of study and to relate them to other courses that are prereqs to the course especially anatomy.  These skills will be demonstrated by completing a final project that will include the analysis of a sports specific movement.


Respect should be given and expected by all students. We will create a welcoming and open environment inducive to learning. Assignments are to be turned in at the beginning of each day and if absent the assignment must be turned into me in some sort or fashion by the start of class.


Most weeks will be in the following format:

Monday- Ch. outline due

Wednesday- Ch. worksheet due

Friday- Lab day to practice concepts and work on final project

Note: If any changes are to occur you will be notified in the class period before that assignment is due

Contact Info

Casey Costa, ATC

Cell: 209-555-5555

Work: 660-555-5555



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